John K. Rozelle is an American Painter and Colorist who works primarily in the mediums of oil paint. He grew up living the life of a Navy brat, visiting different parts of the Western world. His work explores the foundational relationships between color and environmental forms, and the immediacy of oil paint as a catalyst for the most basic of human-bodily sensation. John's paintings dominate the visual field with their uncompromising use of color and dynamic texture.
- "As the artist, I paint the idea of the image; Not the image itself. I paint for the sake of creating an aesthetic experience. By simplifying an intimate and delusive reality into vague possibilities, I create art that is merely the physical manifestation of light and color. I tend to stray away from layers of complicated meaning, in favor of imagery that is more direct and impactful. I want my paintings to offer the viewer with an immediate realization of physical sensation or emotion, rather than being left with ambiguous questions."
                 Rozelle currently resides and works in Ohio of the United States.
If you are interested in my work and would like to purchase an original, submit a commission, or order a giclee fine art print; please contact me via email:

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